PRI-Kenya is a Kenyan registered NGO set up in 2011 with the aim of providing an umbrella for permaculture education, projects and research in East Africa.


Our AIM is to give East African communities the tools they need to build empowered, self sufficient, climate change resilient, healthy and food-secure communities.


Our VISION is to see an Africa-led development towards a sustainable future that has  the Permaculture Ethics of Care of the Earth, Care of People and Fair Distribution of Resources at its core.


Biovision Visit to Rongo
admin 3 days ago

Biovision Foundation, a Swiss Foundation dedicated to supporting projects working with ecologically… Read More

Strategic Planning Workshop Rusinga Island
admin 3 days ago

In June 2015 PRI-Kenya held its very first Strategic Planning Workshop. The workshop brought togethe… Read More

Cob Building Blitz in Laikipia this July!
Sheena Shah 2 weeks ago

Come join our Cob Building Blitz at our partner project, Laikipia Permaculture Project in Laikipia t… Read More

Upcoming PDC in Kilifi!!
Sheena Shah 3 weeks ago

Sign up NOW for this incredible PDC in Kilifi, at  the Kenyan Coast's Ecolodge and Backpackers In p… Read More

Upcoming Integrated Pest Management Workshop
Sheena Shah 3 weeks ago

Don't miss out! REGISTER NOW for our upcoming Integrated Pest Management Workshop  Come join u… Read More


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