Regina Okinda

ReginaShe is a 64 year old woman who lives in Kaswanga Gunda district, Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya. She has been a widow for fifteen years, has five children, who are all educated. Regina was a nurse at the government health clinics at Tom Mboya Health Clinic in Kaswanga and in Mbita from 1975 – 2000. She is now retired and receives no government pension from her nursing career. Her only means of income is small subsistence farming, a small business buying and selling old clothes and selling some knitting and embroidery work.
In December of 2013, Regina took a PDC course for the first time through PRI Kenya and Lesley Byrne, as the lead permaculture teacher from the U.S. She came to the course to learn more about organic farming and wanting to supplement her income by becoming an organic farmer. She has a small plot of land next to her home along with a kitchen garden. Regina also has a one acre farm near Mbita that her son is currently farming with chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Both she and her son want to make a change to organic agriculture and start growing cassava, oranges and moringa. She tells me her son has stopped using chemicals and wants to learn more about permaculture and regenerative farming.
Since the permaculture course and a series of regenerative agriculture workshops that is being taught with RIOFA farmers, Regina has started companion planting in her kitchen garden, water harvesting with mini swales, planting medicinal herbs and is going to be establishing a double dig biointensive garden bed.

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