Mary Akina

MaryMs. Mary Akina is a widow whose husband died three years ago. He left her with six school going children. Mary Akina’s main income activity is farming. She has been growing coffee that has been giving her about 7,000/- per harvest which translated to an average of 14,000/- annually. This has been very little to sustain her family. Paying school fees to the children and feeding them became a major challenge to her. The children used to be sent away from school for school fees. She lacked income to purchase the other basic needs too such clothing.

SVR through partnership with PRI Kenya, identified Mary Akina and recruited her as one of the the Rongo Coffee Project beneficiaries. Since then, she has undertaken three trainings in Permaculture & Food Forest, coffee Good Agronomic Practices (GAP) & Marketing and Agribusiness. She has also been undergoing coffee production extension from the project. This enabled her to increase her production and last year she sold coffee worth 25,000/- and managed to buy a big cow that gave birth and she now milks the cow. She gets an average of seven litres of milk on daily basis. She sells six litres locally and keeps one litre for her family consumption. She sells a litre at 60/- and this translates to 10,800/- per month. This increased her annual income from farming from 14,000/- to about 57,400/- from her farming activities.

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