Joseph Obonyo

Joseph ObonyoMr. Joseph Obonyo had been a boda boda operator in Rongo town.  He did very little as far as farming activity was concerned; in fact he left the responsibility of farming to his wife.  From his boda boda business, Obonyo used to get an average of 700/- daily of which he used to deposit 400/- to his account to repay for a loan he took from equity bank to purchase the motorbike. He took a loan of 190,000/-. The remaining 300/- is what he used to sustain his family. It used to be a big challenge to him since he used to purchase all food staff since the farming that the wife practiced was maize production. Purchasing vegetables on daily basis from the market became a norm.


SVR in partnership with PRI Kenya identified and recruited Mr. Joseph Obonyo as one of the Rongo Organic Coffee Project beneficiaries. Mr Obonyo benefited from coffee seedlings issued to the project beneficiaries; he got a total of 260 seedlings. Mr Obonyo also attended workshops through the project on the following: Permaculture & Food Forest, Coffee Good Agronomic Practices & Marketing and Agribusiness. Soon after the first training on Permaculture & Food Forest, Mr. Obonyo established a food forests, here he received extension from the project. In his food forest he planted a variety of crops such as pumpkins, amaranthus, spider plant, cow peas, onions and black night shade. This enabled him to supplement his family with the vegetable and now the wife no longer goes to the market to purchase the local vegetables and onions. He even sells the surplus to the neighbours. On average, he gets up to 300/- from vegetable sales and saves up to 70/- he used to spend in the market daily to purchase vegetables. He says, ‘’ I am planning to expand my three quarter acre coffee grown food forest to one and a half acres because I have tasted its benefit’’

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