Rosemary Nenini Lekiranyi

Rosemary Nenini Lekiranyi, Twala Women’s Group

rosemaryRosemary is a powerhouse of a woman, coordinator of Twala Women’s Group, which is an umbrella group of 6 women’s groups from 6 different group ranches. She has been involved with the group since 2007 when it started. The group has its own site where it runs various income generating activities, coordinated by Rosemary. Since starting to work with the LaikipiaPermaculture Project in 2013, the group now also has an Aloe Secundiflora farm, a nursery and a farm manager to manage it. The group also sells leaves to LUSH, making a decent income for the group. Rosemary says the trainings offered through theLaikipia Permaculture Project has helped her enormously to understand farming better. “We are not farmers’ she says and points out that they knew nothing about farming. With the trainings she says she has learnt not only farming techniques including tree planting and how to use organic methods to control pests, or using grey water to grow food, but also problem solving skills. She says that using the permaculture methods taught has ensured that the group is producing more using less money and has helped them see solutions that are available using local materials. Through the project and the PRI-Kenya Education Programme, Twala have also received help in producing a design for their land, which has helped them plan their site better.

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