Ferdinand Wafula

Ferdinand Wafula has a background in biointensive agriculture and runs BIOGI- Biogardening Innovations- one of PRI-Kenya’s partner demonstration sites together with 30 smallholder farmers. He is deeply involved with the organic and sustainable agriculture movement in Kenya, his organization is a member of the PELUM Network and he also works closely with KOAN. Ferdinand took his PDC with John Sheffy in May 2012 and is currently working alongside PRI-Kenya trainers on consultancies and courses.

Ferdinand chose to take the course to have a better understanding of holistic and sustainable farming systems for different climatic regions. He adds that organic farming produces healthy food and liberates smallholder producers from exploitation. After taking the course he has gained deeper knowledge on food forests, aquaponics, and designing different cycle gardens. He has been able to mobilize work and come up with innovative ideas on farming with other farmers when training them and doing more extension work on his site.

His organization has been demonstrating organic food production and recycling farm waste. They have a small demonstration garden in Emuhaya in Western Kenya where they are looking to expand their work in five locations through developing community food forests. He says that they have been quite successful thus far and have had plenty of harvests from their gardens. Their work is in its initial stages but he feels positive and would like to see people living in harmony with nature.

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