Joannah Stutchbury

JoannaJoannah Stutchbury, first trained in Permaculture with Internationally renowned trainer Warren Brush in 2011. In 2012 she attended a Permaculture Design Course for International Development at Warren’s Permaculture Training Centre Quail Springs in California. That year she attended a Natural Medicine Course with Anamed, Marchakos, Kenya. After practising Permaculture for two years, she took her Training of Trainers Certificate with Warren at Acacia Ranch, Athi River. For 6 months she travelled throughout California, studying Land Restoration, Cob Building, Mushroom Innoculation and Permaculture in schools, including the Edible School Yard, Berkley and the Life Lab at Santa Cruz University, CA.
She is currently working with the Elephants and Bees Project (Save the Elephants) near Tsavo East National Park where she will be helping the children and parents of the local school put in a Permaculture Demonstration Garden, with a view to producing nutrient dense food for the school lunches as well as introducing Bee friendly plants to intercrop into the system. Many local farmers now have Bee Hive fences, so it is not sustainable for them to continue using chemical fertilisers and pesticides which will kill the bees.
She is also making “Value Added” goods such as lip balm using bees wax and honey as well as candles, which will be introduced to the community by way of training sessions.
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