Cristiano Marinucci

 cristianoCristiano Marinucci, born and raised in the huge, beautiful but chaotic city of Rome, Cristiano Marinucci has always been interested in agriculture and environmental sciences. He started studying Natural Sciences at La Sapienza University of Rome, and worked several years as a guide in Italian natural parks.
In 2003, he travelled for the first time in Africa, precisely in Niger. The people he met there made him decide to go back to Africa for a longer time. He came back and initiated a more than 10 years lifetime working for many development projects in agriculture, water and sanitation, microfinance and energy, in Niger, Rwanda, Uganda, Guinea and Kenya. During the past four years he also attended some trainings and participated in projects dealing with biodynamic agriculture and eco-building techniques, in Italy, in France and in Kenya.
All these experiences strongly confirmed the passion and interest he has had for a long time for permaculture. Cristiano holds a Permaculture Designer Certificate and an Advanced Permaculture Trainer and Designer Certificate. Cristiano did his initial permaculture training in Arusha, Tanzania where he did his PDC with Steve Whitman and Franko Ghose, hold by Food Water and Shelter, an Australian NGO. He subsequently did an Advanced Teacher Trainer and Consultancy Course with Warren Brush with PRI Kenya and has since then been very active with PRI Kenya assisting on trainings and teaching with us part time.
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