Cristiano Marinucci

 cristianoCristiano Marinucci has studied Natural Sciences at La Sapienza University of Rome, and worked for ten years as development projects’ coordinator, in agriculture, water and sanitation, microfinance and energy, in Niger, Rwanda, Uganda, Guinea and Kenya. While developing project management skills, he also acquired a deep knowledge of social, economic and environmental African contexts.

During the past five years he attended some trainings and participated in projects dealing with biodynamic agriculture, eco-building techniques, and permaculture design, in Italy, France Tanzania and in Kenya.


Cristiano holds a Permaculture Designer Certificate. He subsequently did an Advanced Teacher Trainer and Consultancy Course with Warren Brush with PRI Kenya and has since then been very active with PRI Kenya assisting on trainings and teaching part time and providing some expertise for community development projects.


In 2016 he founded, with Romain Criquet, Cultures permanentes, a NGO based in France aimed at promoting permaculture in urban and rural areas. He currently works as a designer-trainer for Cultures permanentes and wishes to extend the NGO’s activities to building partnerships with African counterparts such as PRI Kenya  (sharing best practices, exhanges of expertise, mobilization of network, writing proposals and fundraising).

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