Sheena Shah

SheenaPRI Kenya Executive Director

Born and raised in Nairobi, Sheena is educated in Kenya and in the U.K in Early Childhood Development and English Language, thereafter with 3.5 years teaching experience in schools offering a holistic approach. Sheena took her PDC on Rusinga Island, off Lake Victoria in March 2011 with renowned facilitator, Warren Brush and then proceeded to help establish a school and successfully implemented a permaculture design and gardening workshops for a year at a Children’s Home in Athi River, Kenya.

Sheena joined PRI Kenya in 2012 and managed their Education Programme until December 2016. She is now responsible for the overall management, overseeing all field operations, strategies and programme delivery and manages all partnerships and communications. Sheena is known for her ability to inspire masses of people through coordination and overall communication and has the ability to weave together complex issues into cohesive narratives that can be acted upon quickly. She is also very much focused on regenerative business, using solutions and principles to level up and ensure long-term sustainable development and shift the paradigm. 

Sheena is a Gaia University Associate and is further pursuing her studies in International Permaculture Design at the Gaia University, which is an incredible open source programme for field students in permaculture and development. 

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