Soils/Composting Intensive Workshop

Soils/Composting Intensive Workshop (part of the 6 Week Urban PDC)

When: May 6th & 7th

Where: Bric a Brac, Karen

Cost: 8,000 KSH

Details: Learn on composting, mulching, making natural liquid fertilisers, plant teas and soil building. Get an insight on Vermiculture and the benefits of vermiculture. You’ll get a hands on approach on starting and maintaining a worm farm, using worm castings and tea for soil building and natural fertilizers with expert, Rob McIntyre.


Rob McIntyre has been worm farming for over 2 years and maintains a greenhouse in Langata where he grows a lot of different vegetables and herbs from seed.
He studied hydroponics and gained an understanding of the benefits of using soluble fertilizers which he applies on the side of vermiculture to create healthy soils and maximum fertility. Rob will facilitate on vermiculture.
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