Trees, Botany and Forestry & Renewable Energy Weekend

Trees, Botany and Forestry & Renewable Energy Weekend (part of the 6 week urban course)

When: May 20th:

Where: Bric a Brac, Karen and Flexibiogas in Karen (21st)

Total Cost for combined weekend – 8,000 Kshs

Details: Learn about Trees and Forestry as a whole systems approach. This session focuses on the function of trees – be it for shade, wind breaks, growth etc – and what influence we may have on enhancing or moulding these functions for a defined purpose. You will learn on key plant identification and herbarium techniques, nursery propagation methods and management with Langat Kipkemoi.

Whilst the PDC covers a huge range of topics, it is not intended that you need to become knowledgeable in all things botanical, there are already wonderful folks who know far more than we have time to cover. We revisit guilding of plants which might be compared to ‘companion planting’, but looks more at the characteristics for co-operative growth, resource sharing and production (from roots, to canopy, to nutrients needs, to habitat creation, to pests/predators…..)

The aim of this course is to ensure we know the characteristics we want for a certain purpose for a certain place.  Its good to be familiar with options. Langat Kipkemoi will take you through this.



Langat Kipkemoi

Langat Kipkemoi completed his PDC in 2014 with PRI Kenya. He is part of Wells Fargo Group and is a part time Permaculture trainer/consultant. Langat has taught over 2,000 Fargo staff an Intro to Permaculture and has also consulted with PRI Kenya several times.

He recently taught the first ever Arabic translated Intro to Permaculture with PRI Kenya this May was commended for hos facilitation and expertise.


Renewable Energy -Biogas site visit with Dominic Wanjihia in Karen

Details:  All the techniques and technologies we need to respond to climate change are available now. We just need to act.

Methane is a versatile, sustainable gas that can be used to perform everyday tasks like heating water and cooking food with surprising simplicity. Unfortunately producing it and using it at home may seem messy, but learn about effective and simple techniques!

Participants will learn about renewable energy and get to see a biogas plant in Karen run by Dominic Wajiha. You will get to see firsthand the uses of the flexibag concept and installation process and learn the uses of modern biogas technologies. Learn about homssteadeconomics this weekend!

You don’t want to miss this! Mose of PRI Kenya’s Partner sites use this Flexibag system since its inception.

When: May 21st:

Where: Karen

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