Mushroom cultivation Weekend and End of Course Grad Party

Mushroom cultivation Weekend and End of Course Grad Pizza Party (for the participants who have now completed the full 6 week urban PDC) -anyone is welcome to join the Mushroom Cultivation Course

When: June 3 & 4th

Where: Bric a Brac, Karen

Cost: 8,000 KSH

Details: You will learn about the benefits and types of mushrooms, integration of mushroom growing houses and production, harvest and post harvest handling. Learn about the Mushroom Industry with Nyawira Gitaka herself and how she get involved in this movement and saw mushrooms as the number one growing solution to the ecosystem. A course you won’t want to miss! Then a Grad Pizza Party for the group that completed the full 6 Week PDC.

Read more about Nyawira’s -‘From innovators, a clean mushroom farming technology’ featured in the Bussiness Daily here


Nyawira Gitaka‘s journey Mushroom farming came up through her interest in farming, agriculture and conservation. Mushroom farming is one of the few if not the only one that can give one the opportunity to employ these all at once. Immediately after her undergraduate (Microbiology and Biotechnology) she went ahead to co found Mushroom Blue with a former class mate, at first it started as a project but now is a self-sustaining business.

After three years in Mushroom Blue it was time to focus on training, quality mushroom spawn production, helping farmers set up their mushroom farms and access markets for their produce as well as explore the value addition of mushrooms through Mushrooms Diara.
A passionate conservationist and primatologist, she believes that mushrooms are the future. When food security issues come up, Mushrooms must feature. No other food utilizes waste to produce a super food! Unfortunately they have not been given the attention they deserve. The production process is labor intensive therefore is an industry that can create a lot of employment opportunities.
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