Romain Criquet

Born in an old farmstead located in South of France close by Marseille, in the mediterranean area. Romain’s origins are rooted in this multi millenary multicultural region with roots from Algeria, Italy, Turkey and Corsican.


Romain has been a stage manager in the field of art, sculpting and music for the last 12 years which goes hand in hand within the axis of social work and community development in Europe and 5 years working in East Africa and Mozambique with locals, musicians and theatre companies.


Romain holds a Permaculture Designer Certificate. He subsequently did an Advanced Teacher Trainer and Consultancy Course with Warren Brush with PRI Kenya  in 2015. He has also taken a course on Keyline REX with Darren Doherty in 2015.  Romain is now pursuing his studies in Ethnobotany with François Couplan, Doctor of Science in Paleobotany.

In 2016 he founded, with Cristiano Marinucci, Cultures permanentes, a NGO based in France aimed at promoting permaculture in urban and rural areas. He currently works as a designer-trainer for Cultures permanentes and wishes to extend the NGO’s activities to building partnerships with African counterparts such as PRI Kenya  (sharing best practices, exhanges of expertise, mobilization of network, writing proposals and fundraising).

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