Intro to Permaculture in Nairobi Oct 7th

Introduction to Permaculture Certification Course This October 7th!

Want to learn about Permaculture as a design tool to create sustainable landscapes for efficiency and abundance? It’s more than just growing organic food! This ONE day beginners’ course is an exploration into permaculture with a practical approach taught by Langat Kipkemoi, who is permaculture certified and consultant with PRI Kenya. He works with Wells Fargo Group, whose hub now boasts of lush, productive gardens all around the workplace building. The fresh produce is used by their staff canteen at the facility.

Join us Saturday October 7th at the Fargo hub in South C (Nairobi) for the one day hands-on Introduction to Permaculture Course. The course is lively, participatory and thought provoking.  Regardless of your experience, this Certificate course will equip you with the skills to design and implement Permaculture into your home or professional environments.

Students are expected to arrive at the site by 8:45am. A welcome pack will be provided once registered online below. The welcome pack will include info on the course site and how to get there.

Students will receive:

  • Mid-day tea/refreshments
  • A proper introduction to Permaculture, its history, ethics and principles.
  • The opportunity to see how Fargo has made small spaces into areas of abundance and high productivity.
  • Learn to install urban friendly vertical growing bags and hanging gardens.
  • Course notes & resources (emailed)
  • New like-minded friends
  • The chance to join PRI’s member network
  • An Intro to PC certificate

Cost – 4,000 Kshs

About permaculture at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is committed is to actively promote and strengthen the concept of permaculture. It has facilitated the training of over 2000 employees and external students annually on introduction to Permaculture. They have also maintained their very own permaculture garden at their training school at the Fargo Courier hub in South C in Nairobi that is lush, sustainable and organic.

Wells Fargo believes that education for the people all over Kenya as how to reap and sow the land is imperative for the human nature. FARGO feels it is important no matter what your profession, that you have a knowledge of how to grow foods naturally and therefore is a huge endorser of the Permaculture Research Institute. This is why Fargo has incorporated compulsory introductory courses to permaculture to their training school for their security guards.


About Langat Kipkemoi

Langat took a Permaculture Design Certification Course and Training of Trainers Course in permaculture in 2013 with PRI Kenya. He is part of Wells Fargo Group and is a part time Permaculture trainer/consultant. Langat has trained over 2,000 Fargo staff and external students in Intro to Permaculture and has also consulted with PRI Kenya several times.

He recently taught the first ever Arabic translated Intro to Permaculture with PRI Kenya this May was commended for his facilitation and expertise. Langat also assisted in the previous Six Week Urban Permaculture Design Certification course in May, 2017.




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