Intro to Permaculture & Water Management Course 11th Nov


Of the many problems that our civilization faces, one of the most worrying problems is water scarcity. Without a safe and abundant supply of fresh, potable water, our species is vulnerable to a number of crises. Our current industrial society depends almost exclusively on groundwater sources for our water needs, while many of those sources of water are slowly being depleted, contaminated, and require more energy to access.

Join us for a one day course learning simple techniques on harnessing water in your own urban garden! This course will be facilitated by Charles Mugarura, from partner organization – PRI Uganda!  Don’t miss this out on this opportunity! Participants will get to see a fully working permaculture model site at partner site – Nurisha in the beautiful Swara Plains Wildlife Conservancy. Nurisha is home to PRI Kenya Chair – Gai Cullen who had lived off the grid for over 17 years now and is organic certified. Gai Cullen has opened her doors to several urban permaculture intro courses which has led to more and more interest, giving valuable insight to easy and manageable key solutions in sustainability and whole systems. Swara Plains has suffered an enormous drought this year and has only started receiving rainfall very recently which has been majorly delayed. Every weather event in the modern world is attributable to climate change.  This is because weather is a chaotic system, which is to say it varies wildly based on initial conditions.

The permaculture movement offers vital perspectives and tools to address catastrophic climate change. Human-caused climate change is a crisis of systems—ecosystems and social systems–and must be addressed systemically. Permaculture ethics direct us to create abundance, share it fairly, and limit over consumption in order to benefit the whole. Healthy, just, truly democratic communities are a potent antidote to climate change. Soil is the key to sequestering excess carbon. By restoring the world’s degraded soils, we can store carbon as soil fertility, heal degraded land, improve water cycles and quality, and produce healthy food and true abundance. Protection, restoration and regeneration of ecosystems and communities are the keys to both mitigation and adaptation.To deepen our knowledge of these approaches, take THIS COURSE!!

This course will take you through:
1. Overview of Ethics and Principles of Permaculture as applied to land restoration and regenerative design.
2. Practical ways of using less water for maximum production, focusing on urban development.
3. Planting structures and guild development.
4. Simple hydration techniques of capturing water from all corners using available resources around you.


Charles Mugarura, originally from Uganda, brings a magnitude of experience in Permaculture, Entrepreneurship, Agro business and Community Rural Development. He took his Permaculture Design Certification Course with Dan Palmer and Rosemary Morrow in Rakai, where he received a full scholarship, through Blue Mountains Permaculture of Australia in 2009. Charles is a Global Citizen Ambassador on food, Climate Change and Founder of Broadfield Enterprises Uganda Ltd Permaculture Group, which supports the Permaculture development of PRI Kenya Partner -Permaculture Research Institute of Uganda  He is also Project Manager for Youth livelihoods for the Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum (UYAHF) which focuses on health, gender and livelihoods of young people. Charles has also attained his Diploma in Permaculture Design from Sector 39 U.K under Permaculture Association of Britain and holds a Diploma in Computer Science in Business from Makerere University Business School, Uganda

Charles has since been involved in supporting and establishing sustainable Permaculture Designs and Implementation of food and water security programs in Sabina-Rakai, Eldoret- Kenya, Rwanda and also in Uganda, under Innovative Volunteerism. In 2015, Charles designed an effective Permaculture Curriculum Philosophy that enables Trainers to support communities and illiterate persons understand permaculture through practical permaculture where he was respectfully granted the Global Citizen Youth Award of 2016.

Together with PRI Kenya and International Scholars, Charles contributed to a permaculture abstract paper which was successfully approved and published. Together we will be presenting this at Nairobi Climate Change and Drought Resilience Symposium in Africa. Charles has also recently contributed to a paper for African Youth Position on Climate change to be presented at the COP23 in Bonn.


Nurisha – Swara Plains


Saturday 9am – 4:30om




You can pay for your course now via  bank transfer or Mpesa. Kindly email us at for all enquiries. A 50% deposit is absolutely mandatory to secure your spot on the course. Participants’ enrollment determines the course from actually taking place so we encourage you to confirm your places as soon as your register for the course below.


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