One Day Intro to Permaculture Course in Nairobi 9th December

Take our last Introduction to Permaculture Certification Course for this year on Saturday December 9th!

Experience ecological living within tranquility as we explore permaculture, a practical design science rooted in the ancient wisdom of nature. Learn the basics of permaculture, and how to apply its teaching into your everyday life. This ONE day beginners’ course is an exploration into permaculture with a practical approach taught by Langat Kipkemoi and James Kamau. Both are permaculture certified and  part time consultants of PRI Kenya. Langat works with the Wells Fargo Security Group, whose go-down hub boasts beautiful green spaces of productive gardens around their premises. The abundantly fresh produce is then used by their staff canteen.

Whether your landscape is a balcony, home, garden or farm, you will gain a solid understanding of the permaculture principles to apply sustainable design to your environment.  In this time of great transition, we come together to share some solutions that aid in personal and community stability, and empowering pathways for action. P​ermaculture seeks to identify what practices can help create a sustainable alternative to the current food and economic structure of our society. Really that means that permaculture wants to create systems that function in harmony with nature and produce an even more abundant condition for everything and everyone.

Students are expected to arrive at the site by 8:45am. A detailed Information Welcome Pack will be provided once registered online below. 

The Introductory course will not cover topics in great detail, as does the full 72 hour permaculture design course – it is an overview and sets the stage for what permaculture is about. Many people have found that attending an introduction to permaculture course is enough and go on to create some incredible projects, with the enthusiasm generated by this course, plus books and references to expand on their own knowledge.

Students will learn about:

  • Opening and Introduction
  • History of Permanent Agriculture
  • Observation  how to read landscape
  • Brief intro to Composting and soil fertility
  • Assembling plant guilds
  • Urban permaculture and use of edges
  • Effective gardening strategies using integrated pest management and companion planting
  • Tour of Fargo house gardens
  • Brief Intro to Food Forests systems
  • Intro to simple water management and gray water systems

Cost – 4,000 Kshs for this day course from 9am – 4:00pm (inclusive of tea and snacks, lunch and certification)

About permaculture at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is committed is to actively promote and strengthen the concept of permaculture. It has facilitated the training of over 2000 employees and external students annually on introduction to Permaculture. They have also maintained their very own permaculture garden at their training school at the Fargo Courier hub in South C in Nairobi.

Wells Fargo believes that education for the people all over Kenya as how to reap and sow the land is imperative for the human nature. FARGO feels it is important no matter what your profession, that you have a knowledge of how to grow food naturally and therefore is a huge endorser of the Permaculture Research Institute. This is why Fargo has incorporated compulsory introductory courses to permaculture for all of their security guards and staff with the main aim that they will in return take the skills back to their community.

About Langat Kipkemoi

Langat took a Permaculture Design Certification Course and Training of Trainers Course in permaculture in 2013 with PRI Kenya. He is part of Wells Fargo Security Group and is a part time Permaculture trainer/consultant. Langat has trained over 2,000 Fargo staff and external students in Intro’s to Permaculture and has also consulted with PRI Kenya several times. Langat brings vast experience from his own side projects as well and wants to see more people practicing permaculture.

His work at Fargo House is a perfect example that permaculture can be implemented at any scale and be enjoyed in abundance!



James took his Permaculture Design Certificate in 2017 with PRI Kenya and was offered a partial scholarship to attend the course. James is a passionate organic farmer and has previously been part of the Organic Farmers Market (Kenya) selling his array of fresh produce. He first learned about permaculture in 2016 and has since taken steps to integrate permaculture in own working models. He works with small holder farmers and is eager to get support the farmers to using sustainable practices.

James is now part of PRI Kenya’s network and has taught Intro to Permaculture courses through PRI Kenya in Nairobi. Our aim is to connect the urban development to take up permaculture and learn simple steps to become more sustainable and resilient overtime. James has also facilitated gardening workshops for children with PRI Kenya.



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