2017 Programme

              The 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course allows you to be the change you want to see in the world. Based on Bill Mollison’s Permaculture Designers’ Manual, it provides skills and solid knowledge in Permaculture design as a science that can create abundant ecosystems sustainably in the backyard, a small farm or on a larger broad acre landscape.

We offer two week courses and shorter specialized workshops roped in from the Permaculture Design Certificate


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Note that a 50% deposit is required to fully secure your place and the balance no later than the course start date

Specialized Certification Courses


Soils Intensive workshop (part of the 6 Week Urban PDC)

When: May 6th & 7th

Where: Bric a Brac, Karen

Cost: 8,000 KSH

Details: Learn on composting, mulching, making natural liquid fertilizers, plant teas and soil building. Get an insight on Vermiculture and the benefits of vermiculture. You’ll get a hands on approach on starting and maintaining a worm farm, using worm castings and tea for soil building and natural fertilizers with expert, Rob McIntyre.


Urban Gardening  and Water Combined  Weekend Course (part of the 6 Week Urban PDC)


When: May 13th

Where: Bric a Brac, Karen

Total Cost for combined weekend: 8,000 KSH

Details: Garden practicals: Making beds, urban gardening techniques, plant propagation, companion  planting,  inter-cropping, integrated pest management (IPM).

Go through:

  • Urban design – visible and invisible structure design for the specific challenges in cities and towns
  • Community building strategies and social permaculture
  • Increasing quality of life through permaculture design


Water management methods, climate adapted strategies, earthworks, food forests

Students will understand the principles of permaculture design in earthworks: reading the site, interpreting contour maps and using surveying tools, placing elements in a design. Students will be able to use the basic terminology for earthworks and soil water management.

This unique course offers a look at the beginnings of a regenerative landscaping work through several techniques related to earthworks and food forests.

When: May 14th:


Trees, Botany and Forestry & Renewable Energy Weekend

When: May 20th:

Where: Bric a Brac, Karen and Flexibiogas inKaren (21st)

Renewable Energy -Biogas site visit with Dominic Wanjihia in Karen

Total Cost for combined weekend – 8,000 Kshs


Details: Learn about Trees and Forestry as a whole systems approach. You will learn on key plant identification and herbarium techniques, nursery propagation methods and management with amazing and plant guru John Ndege!

Renewable Energy Workshop

When: May 21st:

Where: Karen

Details: Participants will learn about renewable energy and get to see a biogas plant in Karen run by Dominic Wanjiha. You will get to see firsthand the uses of the flexibag concept and installation process and learn the uses of modern biogas technologies.



Mushroom cultivation Weekend and End of Course Grad Party – (for the participants who have now completed the full 6 week urban PDC) -anyone is welcome to join the Mushroom Cultivation Course

When: June 3 & 4th

Where: Bric a Brac, Karen

Cost: 8,000 KSH

Details: You will learn about the benefits and types of mushrooms, integration of mushroom growing houses and production, harvest and post harvest handling. Learn about the Mushroom Industry with Nyawira Gitaka herself and how she get involved in this movement and saw mushrooms as the number one growing solution to the ecosystem. A course you won’t want to miss! Then a Grad Pizza Party for the group that completed the full 6 Week PDC.


Two Day Bee Keeping Certification Course

(in partnership with Sam Bananah , part of the Urban PDC schedule which will be out very soon too)

When: May 27th & 28th  (part of the six week PDC sessions in Nairobi – and open to anyone)

Where:  Karen in Nairobi

Cost: 8,000 KSH

Details: This apiculture course includes hands-on training on a number of important topics related to beekeeping, including assembling hives and opening and examining colonies. From disease and mite prevention and hive management to honey production, this class will cover everything you need to know to further your hobby or get your business off the ground with the beeman himself, Sam Bananah!

Course topics include:

  • Bee Biology
  • Bees in an Urban Setting
  • Disease and Mite Prevention
  • Hive Assembly and Management
  • Honey Extraction



One Day Nutrition Course in Athi River

When:  May (to be confirmed)

Where: Nurisha, Swara Plains in Athi River

Cost: 10,500 KSH

Details: This is a unique course bringing in chefs who use sustainable practices in their culinary expertise, and permaulture experts who will share stories, recipes, herbal medicine and a holistic nutrition approach as well as designing small urban gardens. You will also get to see a permaculture demo site in action run by one of PRI Kenya’s founding member’s Gai Cullen. Her demo home boasts abundant gardens, food forest, herb gardens and livestock management just 50 min from JKIA!

15675784_10154125886221430_7478311662926153743_oTwo day  Integrated IPM and Composting Intensive Certification Course in the Nairobi Arboretum

When: 3rd-4th June

Where:  The Arboretum in Nairobi

Cost: 15,500 KSH

Details: This will be our first ever integrated pest management and composting course roped in together at the Nairobi Arboretum. This course will focus on managing gardens, effective IPM strategies, soil biology and building, companion planting and designing efficient composting systems. There will be emphasis on practicals during this two day intensive.


Permaculture Design Certification Courses


13061981_1386531574705917_8162603721752320619_nSix Week  Urban Permaculture Design Certification Course in Nairobi

(in partnership with Helene Maremma)

When: April 1 – May 28 (we will list down all the weekend dates soon)

Where:  Nairobi

Cost: 45,000 KSH

Details: This our second ever Urban PDC set out in Nairobi over six weekends. Ideal for folks who can’t take time off for our consecutive two week courses. Our first course was a total success and participants asked for more! The course covers sustainable living systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates. It includes the application of Permaculture principles to food production, home design, construction, energy conservation and generation, and explores alternative economic structures and strategies supporting permaculture solutions in an urban set up as well. The course will take place at many different locations, bringing in many different experts on as well within Nairobi making this a very one of a kind course! See more here

15541343_1908505816045021_5067917937355918230_nTwo Week Permaculture Design Certification Course in Laikipia

(in partnership with Laikipia Permaculture Centre)

When: May 14-24th

Where:  Laikipia Permaculture Centre in Laikipia

Cost: 400 USD  / 40,000 Ksh

Details: You will learn the complete process of designing and implementing a permaculture plan. Learn the concepts of sustainable living and improved self-reliance  and attain hands on experience of design and implementation. Participants will learn how to develop sustainable systems  and concepts of natural building which can be applied to all aspects of life through the observation and replication of natural patterning.  Permaculture is an integrated design strategy incorporating food forests and jungle gardens, natural building, alternative economics, aquaculture and mapping to create a sustainable human habitat. You will be presented with an innovative approach through modeling the structure of Permaculture directly in the environment. 

This PDC will be held at the Laikipia Permaculture Centre (LPC), a truly unique setting and is one of PRI Kenya’s  key partner projects run by one of PRI Kenya’s founding members, Joseph Lentunyoi. LPC is located in a dry-lands area and is also the focal point for the Laikipia Permaculture Project (LPP), working with Maasai  women’s groups to create food security and sustainable livelihoods through permaculture. You will be learning practical aspects of permaculture both at  the LPC farm and working directly with the women’s groups, helping them develop their permaculture farms.

dsc_03521Two Week Permaculture Design Certification Course in Western Kenya

(in partnership with PRI Kenya partner sites – Sustainable Village Resources- Rongo & Biointesive Gardening Innovations in Vihiga County)

When: October/ November (to be confirmed)

Where: To be confirmed

Cost: 455 USD  / 45,500 Ksh

Details: This will be be our FIRST EVER integrated course set out at PRI Kenya’s partner organizations around Western Kenya. This course will take you through the many focal projects we are working with and see the different and unique developments. The course will be taught by showing students to focus on local resources and their local community, and to have well thought out design practices to create abundant sustainably.

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