2018 Programme

Practical Permaculture Courses

Fermentation and Cheese Making Workshop with Award Winning, Elisabeth Fekonia

When: Saturday January 13th, 2018

Where: Nairobi (To be confirmed soon)

Just as soil needs healthy living beneficial microbes to support strong, resilient, healthy life forms up the food chain, so too our bodies and internal ecosystem need good microbes to keep us strong and healthy.

Join us for a full day workshop this January 13th for our FIRST Fermentation and Cheese Making Workshop hosted by Award winning, accredited permaculture teacher Elisabeth Fekonia, from Australia. This full day workshop, comprising of three hours workshops each, will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to go home and make your own healthy fermented foods and drinks and  delicious cheese. It will be fun packed, informative, hands on and very practical. You will discover how simple it is and how you can integrate these amazing techniques in to your daily lives. Don’t miss it! You will learn the art of cheese making: haloumi cheese, cultured butter, ghee, yoghurt, kefir and sour cream making workshop and then a feta cheese and lactic fermentation workshop. Participants will be learning how to make these ferments through demonstration and participation and everyone brings home their own jar of sauerkraut. All foods and beverages will be available for taste testing with handouts including all the recipes. Cheese cultures will be available for sale after class. SEE ALL DETAILS HERE

rock_water_catchment2_LaikipiaWater Harvesting for Food Security Certification Course in Laikipia with Warren Brush

When: January 22nd -26th, 2018

Where: North Laikipia

Details: We have organized a FIVE day Water Harvesting for Food Security Certification Course with renowned facilitator Warren Brush from Quail Springs and Cuyama Valley, California! This course takes place January 22-26th 2016 in Laikipia at Naatum Women’s Group – a group we work very closely with. This course is primarily for those who have already taken a Permaculture Design Certification Course (PDC). According to Warren Brush, who has worked in challenging areas around the World, including the Kalahari desert, this is one of the worst degraded areas he has come across and now wants to demonstrate the incredible potential this site has, to fully transform for the women! Don’t miss out on this super special course with Warren and the community! SEE ALL DETAILS HERE

Cost: 85,000 Kshs / 850 USD

(Fees include all meals, accommodation (camping) and certification and excludes transport to and from the course)

One day Introduction to Permaculture Design & Livestock Management course in Nairobi

When:  February 24th, 2018

Where: Swara Plains, Nairobi

Details: This course will take place at PRI Kenya’s partner site, Nurisha home of PRI Kenya Chair- Gai Cullen. Participants will learn from two of PRI Kenya’s urban facilitators – James Kamau and livestock and vet specialist, Susan. See a semi urban site in action and learn effective techniques in permaculture design and learn about livestock management. Participants will get to see some of the best and well kept livestock at Nurisha itself and learn simple and effective ways to de-bug and take care of animals and livestock naturally. Everyone who has visited Nurisha always leave feeling inspired and motivated to start their own development.  READ MORE HERE

Cost: 4,500 Kshs

(Fees include all meals (pot luck lunch as well) and certification and excludes transport to and from the course)

Two week Permaculture Design Certification Course in Makueni

in partnership with the Drylands Natural Resources Centre

When: Feb 12th – 23rd, 2018

Where: Makueni

Details: This course takes place at PRI-Kenya partner organization, Drylands Natural Resources Centre in Makueni region. The site is run by PRI-Kenya chairman Nicholas Syano who works with 400+ farmers and DNRC have made a huge impact not only on farmers food security but also their well-being and the health of the environment. This design course also includes a special module on Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) — a simple but wonderfully effective technique for landscape regeneration which works beautifully together with permaculture and which is rapidly being recognized as an important tool for regenerating drought prone African landscapes. DNRC is an educational permaculture demonstration model in development so participants will get the opportunity to see this in action.

This course will led by Nicholas Syano and co-taught by Triza Mtua (DNRC Project Manager) from Feb 12-23rd.  SEE ALL DETAILS HERE

Cost: 40,000 Kshs

(Fees include all meals, accommodation (camping) and certification and excludes transport to and from the course)


Training of Trainer’s Course with Caspar Brown

When: March / April (dates to come soon)

Where: Nairobi, Acacia Camp- Swara Plains Conservancy

Details: Participants attending this course need to have completed a 72 hour Permaculture Design Course through the Permaculture Research Institute, and have good practical experience in designing and managing Permaculture systems.

This course is designed to equip participants with participatory Permaculture facilitation skills, as well as a solid understanding of the standard content of an international PDC. Based on their Permaculture experience, participants should be able to co-facilitate or assist on PDCs after this course, particularly courses training adult learners. This course will be taught by internationally accredited permaculture practioner – Caspar Brown.



(Fees include all meals, accommodation (camping) and certification and excludes transport to and from the course)

 Two week Permaculture Design Certification Course in Laikipia

in partnership with the Laikipia Permaculture Centre, Laikipia

When: April 16th – 27th

Where: Laikipia

Details: This is a 72-hour theoretical course with hands-on farm and community experiences, encouraging everyone to be involved. The course is open to anyone, no experience required. We promise that the course will leave feeling really inspired from the teachings and of course lasting connections. The course will take place at the Laikipia Permaculture Centre with lead facilitator, Joseph Lentunyoi for one week and the rest of the course will be spread out at different sites in the region assisted by other PRI Kenya facilitators which will be most exciting! Participants will learn from expert instructors on effective design methodologies, edible gardening, agroforestry systems, water harvesting, natural building techniques, basic composting systems etc. LPC is already a fully developed permaculture demonstration and education site so participants will get to see a fully working site in action and women’s groups that are doing some profound work using permaculture techniques. READ MORE HERE

Cost: 40,000 Ksh

(Fees include all meals, accommodation (camping) and certification and excludes transport to and from the course)

 Three Week PDC with John Sheffy and Holly Petrillo

When: May 28th – June 15th, 2018

Where: Kitui, Makueni, Kibwezi, Laikipia, Rongo  (PRI Kenya Partner Organizations)

Details: This is innovative PDC program, following the PRI ‘Master Plan’ template, University students from University of Wisconsin Stevens Point (UWSP) learn permaculture alongside Kenyan students, project managers and small-holder farmers at different community development projects committed to integrating permaculture into their work. The course, which is spread out over three weeks  allows lots of time for practical implementation activities, gives ample opportunity for students to learn about implementing permaculture in a community development context, whilst providing real and long-lasting change for the orphan children and small holder farmers who are beneficiaries of these projects. This course is run by partners and UWSP professors – John Sheffy and Holly Petrillo. Together, we have already run four courses to date. READ MORE HERE

Cost: 50,000 Ksh

(Fees include all meals, accommodation (camping) and certification and excludes transport to and from the course)

 Five Day Master Composter’s Course in Laikipia with Peter Ash

When: beginning of August (dates to come soon)

Where: Laikipia  Permaculture Centre, Laikipia

Details: The Master Composter’s Certificate is a “train-the-trainer” program providing with more extensive in depth compost techniques taught by International renowned and certified Permaculture Designer and Master Composter, Peter Ash.  This course will bring a crucial ingredient in rehabilitating damaged and degraded soil, making previously barren areas suitable for cultivation once more. You’ll discover the importance of the right levels of air and moisture to a healthy pile as well as insight on some of the common problems that can affect the development of your compost – and how to prevent or ameliorate them. Peter will teach you about the latest science during this workshop from his vast expertise in the field for over 35 years! This is our third Master Composter’s TOT course set out over five days in Laikipia in partnership with the Laikipia Permaculture Centre (LPC).

Cost: 20,000 Kshs

(Fees include all meals, accommodation (camping) and certification and excludes transport to and from the course)

One Day Composting Course in Nairobi with Peter Ash

When: end of July (dates to come soon)

Where: Nairobi – to be confirmed soon

Details: Explore the different types of material you can compost and how to create your own compost pile. Learn about the different options for compost containers, how to troubleshoot common problems, and how to use your compost on your garden for the best results and highest yields. This course is facilitated by Internationally renowned Master Composter – Peter Ash. As you make your way through the course, all the constituent parts of what makes compost so effective for your permaculture property will come into focus and you’ll gain a complete understanding of how it all fits together. From the importance of aeration and good moisture management of your pile through the relative merits of different types of containers in which to keep your pile to recognizing the moment when your pile has reached that magical stage when it has been transformed into compost – this course has it all.

Cost: To be confirmed

(Fees include all meals and certification and excludes transport to and from the course)

2018 PDC for Humanitarian Programming with Warren Brush

When: September 16th -29th, 2018

Where: Galana Wildlife Conservancy

Details: This course taught by renowned facilitator- Warren Brush alongside experts from all over East Africa and the U.S– equips people working in international development and grassroots projects with the perspectives and skills needed to engage with communities in partnership to incorporate elements into the design of communities, smallholder farms and land with household agricultural production that are holistic, appropriate, strategic, effective, diverse, as well as ecologically and economically sound. This course includes the 72-hr Permaculture Design Certification through the Permaculture Research Institute. This course is designed for people who work with Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), Government Organizations, or are Community Organizers. The teaching is directly relevant for international development practitioners, including the technical teams from agency Headquarters and field teams engaged in implementation. READ MORE HERE

Cost: to be confirmed soon

(Fees include all meals, accommodation (camping) and certification and excludes transport to and from the course)

6 Week Urban Permaculture Design Certification Course spread over 6 weekends in Nairobi

When: End of Oct to November (dates to confirmed very soon)

Where: Nairobi

Details:  In demand! Join us for our third Urban PDC spread out over 6 weeks (on weekends only) with skilled permaculture facilitators. This course will  primarily be led by Helene Maremma in partnership with PRI Kenya.
This course will cover all the main areas of permaculture — principles, design, soil building techniques, water management, climate adapted strategies, small scale food forestry, plant propagation, small scale earth works, organic and permaculture gardening techniques (plant guilds, pest management, composting, double dig beds etc). In addition to all these areas, we will also focus on urban permaculture techniques and learn practical skills in building earthen ovens, stoves and solar dryers as well as making organic and natural skincare products and detergents.  Included is also site visits and guest lecturers who will share their expertise in topics such as compost toilets, biogas, aquaponics, beekeeping, growing mushrooms, urban gardening techniques and etc. READ MORE HERE on FULL COURSE

Cost: 45,000 Kshs (open to anyone and can join any of the weekends or take the full course)

(Fees include all meals and certification and excludes transport to and from the course)

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