PRI Board

Kenyan Board

Gai Cullen

Gai Cullen is one of the co-founders of PRI-Kenya. She owns Wells Fargo Security and Courier company and brings to PRI-Kenya a wealth of business, logistics and operations experience. Gai is also deeply involved in a number of conservation and environmental sustainability initiatives across Kenya. Having lived over 10 years completely off-grid she also has extensive experience of sustainable living ...
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Joseph Lentunyoi

Joseph Lentunyoi is a certified Permaculture Designer and Consultant. Joseph is the co-founder of PRI-Kenya, the first organization in Kenya dedicated solely to Permaculture education, projects and research. Joseph took his PDC with Geoff Lawton and his teacher training with Geoff in Australia during a three month internship. He later completed another Teacher Training and Advanced Consultancy Training with Warren ...
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Nicholas Syano

Nicholas is a PhD candidate at University of Nairobi undertaking Dryland Resource Management. He has a Masters in Science (MSc) degree in Natural Resources Management from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point (UWSP); U.S.A. He is a certified Permaculture teacher and a consultant and has been practicing and teaching permaculture since 2011 across Kenya and Tanzania where he taught the ...
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International Advisory Board

Greg Zahn

Greg Zahn is schooled and licensed as an architect with an environmental focus and set up his own architecture firm in 1990. He took his PDC with Warren Brush in 2011 in Kenya and his Permaculture Teacher Training at Kinstone Academy in Fountain City Wisconsin with Wayne Wiseman. He has taught permaculture and natural building with Chesapeake Permaculture Institute and ...
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Georgina McAllister (George)

Georgina Mc Allister (George) co-founded and has been running UK based NGO Garden Africa for the past 12 years, bringing together different actors engaged in agroecological work, including organizations practising and extending permaculture. Her emerging focus is on the transdisciplinary impacts of agroecology and the need to improve practice and research in order for this sector to increase advocacy and ...
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Warren Bush

A certified Permaculture designer and teacher, as well as a mentor and storyteller. For the past 25 years, he has been inspiring people of all ages to discover, nurture and express their inherent gifts, while living in a sustainable manner. He is co-founder of Quail Springs Learning Oasis & Permaculture Farm, Sustainable Vocations, Wilderness Youth Project, Trees for Children and ...
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