Open Talk with Warren Brush

On 30th January, 2018 the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya held an Open Talk facilitated by Warren Brush @ our favorite go-to coffee shop, Connect Coffee Roasters , Nairobi.


Connect Coffee Roasters
Participants during the PRI talk held on 30th January at Connect coffee Roasters

What is permaculture? One would ask. It is the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. A science of design that can be integrated into International Development and Humanitarian programming to increase the levels of resilience of people and place. PRI Kenya is hosting Warren this September alongside other permaculture experts in the Galana Conservancy, Tsavo West, where we will run our FIRST International Permaculture Design Certification Course for Resilience. This course will equip people working in international development and grassroots projects with the perspectives and skills needed to engage with communities in partnership to incorporate elements into the design of communities, smallholder farms and land with household agricultural production that are holistic, appropriate, strategic, effective, diverse, as well as ecologically and economically sound. The course has an emphasis on hands-on projects including a practical design project that is site and context specific and integrates all of the different elements of a thorough Permaculture Design. Read more and sign up for the course here –


Warren Brush sharing on resilience projects as part of his talk held on 30th January 2018.

In his talk, Warren (A global resilience design consultant, educator, lecturer and storyteller) shared his experience in resilience enhancing projects utilizing Permaculture from around the globe. Areas of interest include:

  • Hydrological and nutrient cycle stabilization.
  • Soil regeneration, creating systems that work with real-time sunlight.
  • Climate stability through thermal mass enhancement.
  • Fast carbon pathways and biodiversity enhancement.
  • Regenerating honorable relationships between people and landscapes for the most beneficial relationships.


“Every political, social and economic problem is a reflection of ecological problems.”.It is important to take care of what we have”- Warren Brush

From the insightful discussions, Connect Coffee was able to benefit on environmental friendly farm practices that will be shared with our partner coffee farmers in the seed to cup project. This talk was also attended by at least 30 people from all over Kenya, either working in development or just generally interested in sustainability, ecosystems and reform.


Sheena Shah, PRI Kenya Director, welcoming and addressing the public about the talk and PRI Kenya


Participants sharing insights after the talk. Photo courtesy : PRI

Thank to all who attended this talk! We are hosting another open talk with Warren Brush in April. Please sign up here

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