Sustainable Products

Sourcing Sustainable

Sustainable agriculture means growing food in ways which sustain the soil, minimize water and fertilizer use, protect biodiversity and enhance farmers’ livelihoods.

PRI Kenya aims to be the leading national provider of sustainable produce/products. Our Community Permaculture & Regenerative Enterprise Programme took off in late 2013 which takes an innovative approach to development, combining permaculture and entrepreneurship. We work with local partners on food security and sustainable livelihoods through training in permaculture and enterprise skills alongside offering group development training such as leadership, gender and group dynamics. In addition to the programmes we already have in place, we are championing smallholder farmers, the mainstreaming of sustainable agriculture, and the elimination of deforestation from supply chains.

The widespread adoption of sustainable agriculture is crucial if we are to feed over 9 billion people without depleting the planet’s natural resources. Sustainable farming methods  have the potential to increase yields considerably, mitigate the effects of climate change and provide economic and social benefits to farmers, their families, and the surrounding communities.

The conversion of forests into agricultural plantations is one the major causes of deforestation. Sourcing sustainably helps secure our supplies, and reduces risk and volatility in our raw material supply chains. It also opens up opportunities for innovation: by focusing on people’s sustainable living needs and consumer preference, we build stronger brands. Sustainable farming methods can also improve the quality of our products, such as our coffee, honey, nutritional powders, oils, jam, seeds, seed trays, shade nets and etc.






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