Impact Stories

Our programmes are young but are already having an impact in the communities where we work. Read on to find out about how our work has impacted some of the farmers & women's groups we work with as part of our Permaculture & Regenerative Enterprise Programme, and how those trained by our Education Programme are making an impact on their community.


Farmer’s Stories

Joseph Obonyo

Joseph Obonyo had been a boda-boda (motorbike) operator in Rongo town.  He did very little as far as farming was concerned; in fact he left the responsibility of farming to his wife.  From his boda-boda business, Obonyo used to get an average of 700/- daily of which he used to deposit 400/- to his account to repay for a loan ...
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Mary Akina

Mary Akina is a widow whose husband died three years ago. He left her with six school going children. Mary main income activity is farming. She has been growing coffee that has been giving her about 7,000/- per harvest which translated to an average of 14,000/- annually. This has been very low to sustain her family. Paying school fees for ...
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Meliko Obonyo

Melkio Obonyo is a widower born in 1924 and he is currently 91 years old. He has been growing coffee since 1974. Currently he has a total of 1,650 coffee plants. He has been harvesting and selling through a SACCO called Misadhi Cooperative in Rongo but apparently he had been getting very little return from this even not enough to sustain ...
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Janet Odhiambo Okomo

Mama Janet Okomo is a widow with a family of 12 children. She is one of the members of Rusinga Island organic farmers association who were trained in 2013 on Permaculture design practices. Since then with the help of PRI Kenya she was able to set up a Permaculture farm on a 0.5 acre piece of land. Just like many ...
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Maurice Ogolla

Born in 1950, 65 year old Maurice Ogolla is a widower with a family of three children. Before starting farming he was a typist by profession until he retired in 2005. He got into conventional farming immediately after retirement since he did not have any reliable source of income to depend on. According to him this was not productive since ...
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Nancy Okello

Nancy Okello, an astute business woman, mother and farmer, is 50 years old.  She has been married since 1986, has seven children and one grandchild that she takes care of.  Nancy, is the second wife, and part of the land she shares with her husband has been divided between the first wife and herself. Nancy took the PDC course in ...
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Shem Orwa Anditi

  Shem Orwa Anditi , a tall rail thin, sweet hearted man who always astonishes us by the amount of dedication he has to his land and trying to implement permaculture and organic farming into his land and life.  Shem, is a farmer and takes great pride as a farmer, his love of the land and endless energy.  He has humbled all ...
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Regina Okinda

She is a 64 year old woman who lives in Kaswanga Gunda district, Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya. She has been a widow for fifteen years, has five children, who are all educated. Regina was a nurse at the government health clinics at Tom Mboya Health Clinic in Kaswanga and in Mbita from 1975 – 2000. She is now retired ...
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Women’s Groups’ Stories

Rosemary Nenini Lekiranyi

Rosemary Nenini Lekiranyi, Twala Women’s Group LaikipiaNorth Rosemary is a powerhouse of a woman, coordinator of Twala Women’s Group, which is an umbrella group of 6 women’s groups from 6 different group ranches. She has been involved with the group since 2007 when it started. The group has its own site where it runs various income generating activities, coordinated by ...
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Trainer’s Stories

Ferdinand Wafula

has a background in biointensive agriculture and runs BIOGI- Biogardening Innovations- one of PRI-Kenya’s partner demonstration sites together with 30 smallholder farmers. He is deeply involved with the organic and sustainable agriculture movement in Kenya, his organization is a member of the PELUM Network and he also works closely with KOAN. Ferdinand took his PDC with John Sheffy in May ...
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Priscilla Nzamalu

Priscilla Nzamalu, has a background in Biological Siences with a Bsc in Botany and Zoology, she also has a Masters in Training in Rural Extension and Transformation/Teaching and a Post graduate diploma in Food and Nutrition Security, Certificate in The Right to Food and Nutrition Security, Project Management, Conflict transformation, Anamed (Natural Medicines) besides other courses. Priscilla took her PDC ...
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